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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Painted Jesus has parishioners seeing red

Jesus StatueParishioners coming to church on Easter Sunday were surprised to find Jesus with red paint all over him. It wasn’t a bit of Easter decorating gone wrong, the statue outside Saint Peter Chanel church in Roswell, Georgia, USA, was vandalised to coincide with Easter Sunday. The eyes and hands were painted and a satanic symbol (pentagram) was used to shock churchgoers. The police were called in, as this kind of hate crime against a religious group is considered a felony. Police took paint samples before it was removed and are checking all video surveillance cameras in the area. Thankfully the $80,000 marble statue survived the ordeal and the paint was successfully removed after several hours. The church has published a thank you letter to all involved.

Naked man claims to be Jesus

Jeremiah BuxtonA naked man claiming to be Jesus has been arrested in Town Creek, Alabama. As reported in the Times Daily, Police were called to a disturbance on the highway after family members were concerned when Jeremiah Buxton refused to wear a seatbelt in a truck. He got upset, climbed a fence and went into a field, so police could not locate him at the scene. Shortly afterwards they got a call from a mother with two small children in a nearby house. Jeremiah broke in, naked, claiming that the house was his and started removing all the pictures from the walls. When police arrived he explained that he had to loose his clothes as part of the cleansing process. He later tested positive for marijuana and methamphetamine, so it is unlikely that he was in fact the Messiah.

An Easter Message from Ricky Gervais

Ricky's Easter MessageFollowing his Christmas message, “Why I’m an Atheist”, Ricky Gervais, now has an Easter Message for us outlining how he is a good Christian even though he doesn’t believe in God. It probably applies to most Atheists and is worth a read on his website.

Thank Christ for Easter Bank Holiday

Thank Christ PosterThe Tom Pepper pub in Clacton, in the UK, has upset Christian locals by placing a Thank Christ for the Easter Bank Holiday notice outside their premises. It shows a grinning Jesus giving the thumbs up to the special offers being made in the pub for the Easter Holiday. A 61-year-old local got in touch with the local Gazette to complain after seeing the poster. The manager of the pub, Michael Denny, defended the use of the poster claiming it is not meant to be offensive. They had considered using the Easter Bunny, but went with Jesus instead. The Easter Bunny would probably have been safer, as there are far less Bunny worshippers to be offended than Christians.

France bans the Burka

BurkaThe controversial new French law banning women from wearing a veil in public has come into force. It is largely seen as a ban on the Muslim burca although it also prohibits the use of balaclavas and other devices for concealing identities. I wonder are hoodies illegal? Probably not. Two women protesting the law by wearing a veil outside Notre Dame cathedral were arrested this morning, soon after the law came into effect.  Police officers have expressed concerns about enforcing the law. Riots have previously broken out in response to alleged harassment of Muslims, so it is unlikely that police will charge into Venissieux or Trappes in order to enforce the ban. They will also need to tread carefully when wealthy Saudis are shopping on the Champs Elysees. The French public have been warned not to take the law into their own hands. There are to be no de-veilings. The police will take any offenders to a police station, where they can be identified and given a small fine. Men who force their women to wear such veils face up to a year in prison and substantial fines. Belgium was the first country to introduce a total ban last year and Holland, Spain and Switzerland may follow suit.

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