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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Is God an imaginary friend?

Do you have an imaginary friend? If you believe in a God then the Colorado Coalition of Reason think you do. They are putting up billboards declaring that God is an imaginary friend and urging people to choose reality because it will be better for all of us. They say the billboards are not intended to cause offense, but to let like minded Atheists know that they are not alone. On their website they say they are not asking people to stop believing in their version of a supernatural being, just to stop trying to make everyone else do the same. Amen Brother. God Bless Atheism.

Protestant Pastors in US are strong Creationists

Creation Survey ImageThe results of a survey conducted by Lifeway Research last December, asking 1,000 American Protestant Pastors about their beliefs, has just been published with what are, to me at least, surprising results. When asked if God used evolution to create people, 73% disagreed and only 12% agreed. 82% believe that we are all descendants of a literal Adam and Eve.When it comes to the age of the earth, 46% agreed that the earth is approximately 6,000 years old. Pastors with a college degree were less inclined to believe this. The enlightenment, which sparked the birth of the modern US, seems to be lost on these people.

File Sharing Church recognised in Sweden

KopimismAt last the Gods of file sharing have had their religion officially recognised.  The Church of Kopimism, has been registered as an official religion by Kammarkollegiet, a Swedish governmental agency, making Sweden the first country to recognise the religion. Their roots are in file copying and the belief that everything should be free. As it states on the church website, in this religion, information is holy and copying it is a sacrament. Information holds a value and the value multiplies through copying. They reckon that having the religion recognised will help end their religious persecution, when people try to prevent them carrying out the holy sacrament of file copying. If you feel a calling to worship information, they organise kopyactings, religious services where information is copied and remixed. Currently the group have a few thousand followers, but this is likely to grow following the news of their official recognition. Go forth and Multiply,  Copy and Seed.

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