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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Pope’s dove attacked by seagull

Gull attacks DoveYesterday the pope released a dove as a sign of peace following the angelus on holocaust day. A watching seagull, perhaps a nazi sympathiser intending to protest, attacked the dove and tried to kill it. Thousands of onlookers in St. Peter’s square looked on, as the dove flew for its life, trying to escape the gull. After a short while their prayers were answered as the dove flew free. Last year when the pope released two doves from the same window, they flew back in through the open window. Perhaps they had been given a tip off about another planned gull attack.

Mother guilty of killing 7 year old for failing to learn Quran

Yaseen and SaraSarah Ege a 33 year old mother in Wales has been sentenced to Life this week after beating her 7 year old son to death because he failed to memorise a section of the Quran. Her son, Yaseen, was enrolled in a program in the mosque to memorise some of the Quran and was facing an exam when the incident occurred in July 2010. He had been repeatedly beaten with a stick over a three month period and finally collapsed before his mother after receiving abdominal injuries. After the death, his body was burned and a room set on fire in an attempt to cover up the crime. Sarah later confessed saying she heard voices from the devil, but later withdrew the confession saying her husband and his family made her do it. Her husband was cleared of failing to prevent the death last December. Sarah will serve a minimum of 17 years, minus the 2.5 years she has already spent in secure psychiatric units since her arrest.

Israeli Pirates sail ahead

The Israeli Pirate PartyTired of squabbling about religion and other matters, the Israeli Pirate Party is leading the surge of the lesser ranked parties for the Israeli Parliamentary Election due to take place on January 22nd. Their leader, Ohad Shem-Tov, formerly belonging to a party seeking to legalise cannabis, appeared at a meeting on Dec 31st, complete with pirate hat and hook to proclaim their rights to plagiarize and sail the high seas, although they do say they are not in favour of outright piracy like high jacking ships. Arrr! You gotta hope the scurvy dogs make it to the poop deck me hearties.

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