Because religion should not matter (too much)

A couple of strange apparitions

Testical FaceAn ultrasound on a patient in a Canadian hospital produced an image that looks like a man in pain. There is no visible beard, so nobody thinks it is the face of Jesus. The paraplegic patient, did not assign any religious significance to the find. He had the testical removed and the growth was found to be benign. The patient was just relieved it wasn’t cancer and showed no interest in the strange appearance. The case has been published in a medical journal as “The Face of Testicular Pain, A Surprising Ultrasound Finding”. Meanwhile Lupita la Bourdette of Pharr in Texas, has become a believer after finding Jesus and his mother Mary holding a baby in her screen door. She claims to have had a dream about a little girl asking her to pray for the world and shortly after the images appeared. Now six years later, she has decided to share with the rest of the world. Who is the mysterious baby? Is it the girl from the dream? Has Jesus had a daughter, a new sister or has the trinity become the trinity plus one? Who is that baby?

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