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While on holidays in Croatia, 2006, I had a dream in which God visited me and told me that I should spread the word. We are taking religion far too seriously. People are even killing each other in the name of religion. Well, I protested. I mean I don’t even believe that a God (as a being) exists, so how can I spread a message that He gave me, without accepting His existence.

“Well there you go.” says this God in my dream. “Already you are taking this far too seriously. You are taxing your mind too much. What does it matter if I exist? Just spread the word that people should lighten up. I don’t care whether people believe in me or not. I’m a God. I am not that needy. I could just wish you and your entire world out of existence, if the fancy took Me. The way you are carrying on in My names is a shame. Attending a place of worship regularly and despising those who do not, is missing the point entirely.”

Well I must admit, this God made more sense than any I had encountered up to this point. I thought He was supposed to sit up in the heavens somewhere, a mystical place that the space shuttle will never encounter, watching all the people on the earth carrying on with their lives. Those who died without keeping all his rules, or claiming that they believed He existed, would be tortured for eternity, even though He loved them. So when I woke in the morning and remembered the dream, I said to myself, “Yeah, I must build a virtual church someday.”

So, was it some random God, the one true God or an over active imagination? Well I figure it does not matter. If we are to lighten up on religion, we have to stop taking it so seriously. If another dream starts yet another religion, we are just adding to the confusion. Instead we should embrace the existing apathy towards religion and try to encourage it.

A mere two and a half years after this dream, I finally got around to building the Church of Apathy website in 2008. In February 2010, the website was spruced up to take advantage of new technologies. In 2014, the website was spruced up again to look good on a mobile device. Who knows what the future holds? Who God? Well yes, but He’s hardly likely to tell us though.

Enjoy! – The Minister

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