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Camping released from hospital after stroke

Harold CampingHarold Camping, the 89 year old man behind Family Radio who told us the end of the world would start last May 21st, has been released from hospital following a mild stroke. He suffered slurred speech and some unkind souls have suggested on Twitter that it was God’s way of shutting him up. Family Radio is reputed to be worth in the region of $72 million, with the main source of funds being donations. They totaled $18 million in donations in 2009. I’m sure Harold had the best of medical attention and he will no doubt be back on-air in no time with further silly predictions to cheer us up. Despite being wrong about Jesus returning in 1994 and again this year, he is maintaining that people were saved on May 21st, even though nobody saw Jesus, and that the world will still come to an end on Oct 21st, as originally predicted. Maybe Harold’s end is nigh, but I hope he makes it past Oct 21st so that we can have more fun with him.

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