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Catholic Church approves online Confession

Following the example of the Church of Apathy, the Catholic Church, in the US at least, has approved confessions online. In particular, they approve of an iPhone confession app, which was designed with the aid of some priests. The app is available for sale on iTunes at $1.99, plus there is a charge for each confession you make using it. It brings users step by step through the confession and allows them to keep track of their sins. It was number 5 in Canada in the top paid lifestyle apps, just ahead of iKamasutra. If you want to save some money, head on over to the Church Of Apathy, or Church of Apathy Services on Facebook and confess for free?  The Facebook service can even post a certificate of forgiveness on your wall.

UPDATE: See the post where the Vatican withdrew support for the app.

UPDATE 2: See our very own Church of Apathy App a church in your pocket.

6 Responses to Catholic Church approves online Confession

  • Here is my confession i have put some awful curses on some people and I feel very bad about it.

  • Confessions on line are not proper and in accordance with Canon law, no matter if “prisets:” help design the app or not.

  • Of course you can always use our updated Church of Apathy App.

  • I want to confess my sins

  • Since hours of confession have been greatly reduced due to Priest shortage-online confessions make perfect sense.

  • Wonderful. Glad to see Catholicism is utilizing technology. If a person can have telemedicine, teletherapy, and live Eucharist Aforation why not Confession? Canon Law was written LONG ago and long before any of this became available. I think it is a wonderful idea. I became Catholic in 2006 but fell away when I realized people could be really mean and rigid about theology. Jesus himself said love one another and love God were the two most important commandments and no matter what ANYONE says Jesus is the center of Chrisitanity and our faith. Putting anything ahead of what Jesus himself said is dangerous per scripture. I dont sweat the kneeling, standing, sitting, order of service/Mass, confession, etc,, etc, like I would if I had been a cradle Catholic I guess. Beautiful faith and I love the traditions but my “law” still comes from Jesus. Thumbs up to inching forward.

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