Because religion should not matter (too much)

Countdown to Earth’s Destruction Timer

PartyWell the rapture never occurred on May 21st, but that didn’t stop Harold Camping of Family Radio from sticking to his guns. He still maintains that the rapture did occur, but those who were saved did not feel anything. The final destruction of the earth will still occur on October 21st, as we reported initially back in 2010. And so he feedeth his sheep. To mark yet another crazy prediction, we have added a countdown clock to our site showing when the next party should be celebrated to mark the non-destruction of the earth. Of course if you are a Family Radio follower (and there are still a few) that is how long is left before you are whisked up to heaven while your God lovingly destroys the rest of us poor sinners. If you are viewing our mobile/cell site, you’ll have to look at the full site to see the countdown timer. We couldn’t be bothered putting it there too.

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