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Earthquake rumour hits Rome, thousands flee

Vatican CityThousands of people are staying out of Rome for fear of an earthquake rumoured to hit around May 11th. Raffaele Bendandi, a seismologist who died in 1979, is said to have predicted a previous earthquake in 1923, which killed 1,000 people. He used his theories involving movements of the planets to predict earthquakes and was knighted by Mussolini. There is an urban myth saying that, on the day before he died, he predicted Rome would be destroyed on May 11th, 2011. Despite scientists and government officials denying that there is any truth that this prediction was ever made, rumours are spreading and many people are planning on leaving the city for a few days, just to be on the safe side. Perhaps Harold Camping of Family Radio is right and the end of days will begin on May 21st, around teatime, when God wipes out the Vatican as a symbolic gesture. Alternatively, you may manage to get some cheap flights to see Rome, while the weather is nice and things are quite. Rome is a great city, so go check it out.

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