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Hanuman monument proposed alongside Satanic one

Hanuman Statue

Not to be outdone by the Satanists, a Hindu organisation also wants to place a monument on the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol. The proposed monument is of Hanuman, a monkey-like Hindu deity. Hanuman statues are very common in India, the highest of which is 135 feet high. Politicians haven’t been as quick in dismissing the Hindu deity as they were with the Satanic monument. Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is continuing with a lawsuit to have the 10 commandments monument removed, which caused all this in the first place. It’s all quite amusing. Maybe we should propose a monument to Apathy? No, I think you have to care too much.

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  • Well done, Laura! This is the kind of look at the first commandment that every good Christian souhld take as part of their path of spiritual growth in the Christ or as we are taught God’s reflection, spiritual man. Consider doing a change up in your delivery tempo and see how you like it. I hear thisas being like an enthusiastic delivery of the newly imparted (+ understood) gospel. Suppose you were to present this material in a slower, more thoughtful, reflective kind of way . as if it were coming from someone who holding their personal history at arms length and is sharing revelations of deep self-knowlege about their life and the truth(s) which have touched it with repeated instances of healing. I’m eagerly awaiting your next video and the insights it will have to offer. Thank you for doing this one. |

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