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Jesus Apparitions Continue

Following recent appearances on bananas and oranges, Jesus moves on to naan bread.

Jesus in naan bread The most recent appearance on naan bread, has sent the tabloids into a frenzy with phrases from the Mirror like, “he thought he had gone madras”, “someone was rogan joshing him” or the headline “Jesus of Naan-zareth” from the Express.
Jesus in Orange On January 8th, the Lockport Journal reported on Jesus and Mary appearing inside an orange. The article shows a picture of the orange with what looks like Jesus on a crucifix and Mary at his feet.
Jesus in Banana Before Christmas, Jesus appeared on a banana. This was probably not the wisest food on which to make an appearance, as it gave rise to headlines such as “Jesus goes bananas” in the Anorak News. Unfortunately, the chosen recipient of this apparition posted a picture on facebook and ate the banana.
Jesus in Bruise A routine blood sample taken from Mary Massa’s arm in the US, left a bruise in which she claims she can see the face of Jesus. The Metro captions one of the photos as “A Bloody Miracle”.
Jesus in Iron In another article, the Metro reported Jesus appearing on the iron of Mary Jo Coady in the US at the end of November.

It’s good to know that Jesus continues to pop up in the most unlikely places.

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