Because religion should not matter (too much)

Jesus appears on Pizza, again.

Jesus face on PizzaJesus is back on the pizza. He just can’t leave it alone. This time his face has appeared on a three-cheese pizza in Brisbane, Australia. Maree Phelan, who works at Posh Pizza, said her over was blessed with the presence of Jesus Christ. She insists the face got there by itself and it is not a fake. The power of this remarkable pizza has already been felt. Since discovering the pizza, the owner of the store has parked in a loading zone without getting a ticket. Incredible as this sounds, I wouldn’t go jumping off any cliffs. The entrepreneurial folk at Posh Pizza vacuum-packed the pizza and put it for sale on eBay. It was reported to have an offer of $65 Australian Dollars hours ago, but I can’t find it anywhere. There goes my chance of owning a genuine religious relic.

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