Because religion should not matter (too much)


One man’s Jesus is another’s demon

Another Jesus ApparitionSo what do you see in this picture? The moon behind some clouds, right? Wrong! If you have been tainted by too much religion, it will be obvious that this is an apparition of Jesus. Carlos McDaniel who took the photo at a festival in Alabama, sees the face of Jesus, with the moon shining from the centre of his forehead like the star of Bethlehem. Above that is a crown of thorns. It brought tears to his eyes. Really? I want some of whatever he is taking. Well on second thoughts maybe not. If you photoshop the picture and turn it upside down, it does kind of resemble a grinning demon, but that is just my perception. It all depends on which way you look at things.

Church or Prison? Criminals decide.

Mike RowlandAmericans in the state of Alabama have come up with a great idea to boost church attendance and save money on running the prison service simultaneously. The new program grandly called Operation ROC (Restore Our Community) allows criminals found guilty of minor non-violent crimes to choose between serving time in prison, paying a fine or attending church services on Sunday. The town in question, Bay Minette, does not contain any mosques or synagogues so only Christians need apply. The town police chief, Mike Rowland, claims the program is primarily a cost saving measure saving over $500 a week for each potential inmate who turns to Jesus. The American Civil Liberties Union is strongly against the operation and called it blatantly unconstitutional.  The American constitution prohibits the state forcing participation in religious activity. The police chief denies that anything is being forced as it is a free choice. I think most would agree that it really isn’t much of a choice. The operation which was originally to start operating yesterday has been delayed while lawyers check the legality of it. If the city attorney gives his approval, it will go live after the next court day on October 11th. If it does go ahead, I can’t wait until Muslims somewhere in America get in on the act.

Naked man claims to be Jesus

Jeremiah BuxtonA naked man claiming to be Jesus has been arrested in Town Creek, Alabama. As reported in the Times Daily, Police were called to a disturbance on the highway after family members were concerned when Jeremiah Buxton refused to wear a seatbelt in a truck. He got upset, climbed a fence and went into a field, so police could not locate him at the scene. Shortly afterwards they got a call from a mother with two small children in a nearby house. Jeremiah broke in, naked, claiming that the house was his and started removing all the pictures from the walls. When police arrived he explained that he had to loose his clothes as part of the cleansing process. He later tested positive for marijuana and methamphetamine, so it is unlikely that he was in fact the Messiah.

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