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Jesus Statues Battle It Out

Decapitated Jesus StatueJesus statues are having a hard time lately. One of them outside a Boston church was decapitated by vandals just over a week ago. Police are still investigating, but the statue is a write off.

In Flathead, Montana the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), managed to get a permit for a Jesus statue revoked. The statue has been standing for 50 years, erected as a World War II memorial by the Knights of Columbus, at the top of a ski slope. Following a great public outcry to prevent the statue from being removed, the US Forest Service granted a renewal of the permit.

The Tourist Board of Brazil recently floated the idea of erecting a thirty foot replica of Christ the Redeemer on Primrose Hill, London, to coincide with the 2012 Olympics. The idea has been met with open hostility and derision and the Brazilian Tourist Board have been surprised with the negative response. Malcolm Kafetz, chair of the Friends of Primrose Hill said “We oppose it on the grounds that we don’t want any advertising in Royal Parks, otherwise we’ll have Coca-Cola in there soon enough”.

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