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Jesus shows up for pancake on Good Friday

Good Friday PancakeI was beginning to think Jesus had given up appearing on foodstuffs, but low and behold on Good Friday, He appeared on a pancake in the Cowgirl Cafe, in Norco. So why a pancake? And why on Good Friday, traditionally a day of fasting? Is it a sign? The owner of the cafe, Karen Hendrickson, said she felt it was a sign for her, after praying the night before for God to continue watching over the Cowgirl Cafe. Well He did the job. After Karen photographed the pancake, posted it on Facebook and contacted a local TV station, sales jumped and new customers were anxious to see photos of the “Jesus pancake”. The actual pancake has been put in the freezer for safe keeping. Some people on Facebook thinks it looks more like Charles Manson and a customer of the Cafe said it looks more like Abraham Lincoln. Well, seeing as nobody really knows what Jesus looked like, it’s all a bit mad, but sales in the cafe have picked up and people are smiling.

Search called off for man swept away during baptism

beachThe search has been called off for Benito Flores, aged 43, who was swept out to sea during a baptism on a Guadalupe beach in California on Sunday. He was helping his cousin Pastor Maurigro Cervantes, of the Jesus Christ Light of the Sky church, who performs two or three such ceremonies each year. About 25 people were attending the ceremony and witnessed a big wave knock the pastor, Benito and the person being baptised off their feet. Two of them managed to save themselves, but Benito was caught by another wave and swept out to sea. He has not been seen since.

Jesus Poster causes trouble in school

Kill All InfidelsA seventh grade student in Fresno, California is causing a fuss with parents after the school displayed a poster in the lobby. The poster depicts Jesus, in the style of an Uncle Sam recruitment poster, under the heading “I Want You”, with a continuation underneath “To Kill All Infidels!” The poster was made as part of a project on the crusades where students were asked to make recruitment posters for the crusades. Further down the poster it states, “Meet Me In Jerusalem, get a free ticket to heaven.” I think the young student should be commended on bringing home the truth of the affair in a simple poster. Parents, however, just want it taken down. Perhaps they should remove the crusades and the Spanish Inquisition from history lessons?

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