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Website Makeover 2014

church gateWith a little bit of 3D Modelling, jiggery pokery, HTML5 and divine intervention, we have managed to upgrade our website yet again. We have also tried to use our new look graphics across all our web presences, so you know you are dealing with the same Church of Apathy, whether you are on our website, Facebook or whatever.

The old site will no longer be updated.

Is there a hell? Is bin Laden there?

bin Laden in FlamesA recent poll by CNN found that 61% of Americans believe that Osama bin Laden is burning in hell. Only 5% said that they do not believe in hell. It always amazes me that so many Christians, who follow the message of love from Jesus, believe in a God that would have a soul tormented for all eternity rather than offering oblivion. Yes, there is a loving God who wants me to love him, but if I choose not to believe he will roast me forever. A recent book  “Love Wins”, by Rob Bell a pastor of Mars Hill bible church in Michigan, addressed this very issue.  Another pastor, Chad Holtz, of a Methodist Church in North Carolina wrote a note in Facebook, backing this book.  Two days later following complaints from members of the church, Chad was dismissed from his position. Get the full story in the Times Free Press.

Personally, I believe that hell was invented by the church to help control people. If there is a God who torments souls forever, He doesn’t sound like the kind of being I could love. If I’m wrong, I’ll see you in hell.

Church of Apathy Services on Facebook

So what is the big religious news item today, the pope visiting the UK? No, the really important news item is that the Church of Apathy has launched services in Facebook. Now not only can you send your prayers directly to God via our hotline, you can now use our Facebook Prayer Wall, to share your prayers with your friends. Yesterday the prayer wall was used to ask God for an Arsenal victory and lo and behold a 6 – nil victory last night. Mere co-incidence? You be the judge. Checkout the Church of Apathy Services on Facebook at

Note: These services have been discontinued. March 2014.

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