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Seriously? Jesus Ween?

Jesus Ween PosterIt’s nearing the end of October when lots of people will have fun dressing up in weird costumes, setting off fireworks and otherwise celebrating the ancient pagan feast of Hallowen. Not if Paul Ade, a pastor from Calgary in Canada, has anything to do with it. He is promoting Jesus Ween, a Christian festival, which occurs on the very same date. Instead of skimpy costumes and ghoulish outfits, he wants people to wear white to symbolise righteousness. Is White Power making a comeback? He also hands out bibles instead of sweets. He sounds like a regular killjoy. In between composing Jesus Ween songs and running advertising campaigns on buses he found time to claim that the origins of Halloween come from early Christianity and All Hallow’s Eve. That in fact was the first hijacking of the Pagan feast, when the church introduced All Saint’s Day on November 1st. However, dressing up, eating fruit and candy and lighting bonfires is way more fun. I don’t think the Jesus Ween crowd will have much more luck attracting the masses. Next they will claim that Christmas is all about Jesus!

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