Because religion should not matter (too much)


Man rips his eyes out

Religion can seriously damage your health. Every church should have a government health warning stamped across the front door. One of the latest victims, 46 year old Aldo Bianchini, was attending mass in a Catholic church in Viareggio near Pisa in the North West of Italy. Everything was fine until he heard voices in his head telling him to remove his eyes. To the horror of other church goers around him he proceeded to gouge out his eyeballs with his bare hands before collapsing in a pool of blood. Father Lorenzo Tanganelli, who had just begun his sermon when the commotion began realised what was happening and called the paramedics. They arrived quickly to take him to a local hospital, but they were unable to re-attach the eyeballs and he will remain blind for the rest of his life.  Father Tanganelli resumed the Mass after Bianchini had been taken away, but many of the congregation had had enough for that morning and went home. What is that quotation from the bible?

If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.

Yes, perhaps the bible should have a health warning across the cover too.

Destruction of Rome forecast again

Vatican CityPeople just love predicting the fall of Rome. Remember an earthquake was predicted to hit back in May, but it turned out to be just another warm sunny day? Now a group called the Fatima movement are predicting that God will destroy Rome in just under a fortnight, on August 17th. They know this because the have the Authentic text of the third secret of Fatima, not the version published by the Vatican. They seem to be looking forward to the non-event, or the imminent punishment from heaven, as they call it. They even have a Destruction of Rome countdown clock on their website accurate to the millisecond. They also note that Anti-Pope Benedict will not be in Rome on August 17th. The website reminds me of the line from the movie, As Good As It Gets, when a religious caller knocks on Melvin’s door – “Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here.”

Earthquake rumour hits Rome, thousands flee

Vatican CityThousands of people are staying out of Rome for fear of an earthquake rumoured to hit around May 11th. Raffaele Bendandi, a seismologist who died in 1979, is said to have predicted a previous earthquake in 1923, which killed 1,000 people. He used his theories involving movements of the planets to predict earthquakes and was knighted by Mussolini. There is an urban myth saying that, on the day before he died, he predicted Rome would be destroyed on May 11th, 2011. Despite scientists and government officials denying that there is any truth that this prediction was ever made, rumours are spreading and many people are planning on leaving the city for a few days, just to be on the safe side. Perhaps Harold Camping of Family Radio is right and the end of days will begin on May 21st, around teatime, when God wipes out the Vatican as a symbolic gesture. Alternatively, you may manage to get some cheap flights to see Rome, while the weather is nice and things are quite. Rome is a great city, so go check it out.

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