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God written in Varicose Vein

God written in VeinIt seems that God is now going around carving his signature into people’s veins. Perhaps the creationists will approve the fact that God has finally decided to sign his work, rather than leaving it open to question. Audreanna Phelps, of Kansas in the US, noticed that the varicose vein in her leg appeared to spell God. Instead of dismissing this as a strange co-incidence, she reckons it is a sign from God. What it means is unknown, but it’s a sign. Personally if some supreme being started drawing shapes on me with varicose veins I wouldn’t be too impressed. It’s taking a bit of a liberty isn’t it? Wouldn’t a more meaningful message be more appropriate, like whether there is life on other planets or when the world will really end? Just writing God on it’s own is a bit of an under-achievement for a supreme being. All the taking God’s name in vein jokes have been done, so I resisted.

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