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St. Fechin’s Day

Jan 20th is St. Fechin’s Day. Wish everyone a Happy Fechin Day.

St FechinOne of Ireland’s lesser-known saints celebrates his feast day on January 20th. Born in the townland of Bella in Collooney, Sligo, he was probably one of the most influential of the seventh century Irish saints.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of Father Jack, the name is almost extinct now. To promote the revival of the name, we at the Church of Apathy, encourage everyone to wish everyone a Happy Fechin Day, on January 20th each year. Put it on your Facebook status, your screen saver and twitter it. If you know of any young Catholics coming up to their confirmation, let them know of Saint Fechin and encourage them to take it as their confirmation name. Joe Blogs is much more interesting as Joe Fechin Blogs. Similarly, if you know anyone about to give birth, enlighten them. Let’s make the name Fechin great again.
Have a Great Fechin Day.
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