Because religion should not matter (too much)


The new and improved Jesus

Before and AfterCecilia Gimenez, caused quite a stir last month, when she decided to restore a 19th century fresco of Jesus in her local church in Borja, Spain. The pictures shows how it looked in 2010 on the left and how it looks today on the right. Cecilia claims she had permission to carry out the work which has left Jesus looking like a deformed monkey. The painting is so bad that it has become notorious.  Thousands of people have flocked to the church to view it for themselves. Ryanair are offering special deals for tourists to see it. In fact it has become so popular that Ms. Gimenez, through her lawyers, is now demanding economic compensation for her efforts. It’s lucky it was Jesus and not Muhammad or she would be hiding from a fatwa instead of looking for a reward.

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