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Apathist Clothing Ban

Stores in UK continue to ban customers in Apathetic clothing.

Pyjamas BanNo doubt inspired by MPs in France clearing proposals to ban Muslim women from wearing a burqa, a Tesco store in Cardiff, Wales, has banned Apathist clothing. A spokesman said that the signs banning nightwear and bare feet were purely to avoid offending other customers and denied any religious connection. However he confirmed that if people chose to express their Apathy by not bothering to get dressed or putting on footwear, they would be asked to leave the store.

Tesco stores seem determined to stamp out any expression of Apathy through clothing. Last summer a woman who didn’t bother to put any clothing over her bikini top, was asked to leave a Tesco store in Lincolnshire. The spokesman claimed that was a totally unrelated case and again denied any religious connection.

One of the most visible expressions of Apathy, not bothering to dress when going out, is practiced my millions every day. Shopping in your PJs is a very effective way of showing your Apathy. Stores should not be permitted to persecute these individuals for their disinterested religious belief. The Apathists will be outraged, or perhaps they won’t care.

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