Because religion should not matter (too much)


Jesus appears in bathroom mold.

Jesus in MouldTo the delight of residents in Splendora, Texas, Jesus decided to visit their home. Oddly enough, the chosen spot to appear was in the mold growing in their shower. Chyanna Richards, resident at the home, can see the head of Jesus, the face and a cloak. Thomas George, who also lives there, was in prison when the uncanny likeness was discovered and thinks it is a sign that Jesus is watching over them. Regardless of whether the sign is from Jesus, Mr. Blobby or a random pattern of mold, I would be more inclined to look on it as a message that the hygiene regime in the home needs to be stepped up a notch.

A couple of strange apparitions

Testical FaceAn ultrasound on a patient in a Canadian hospital produced an image that looks like a man in pain. There is no visible beard, so nobody thinks it is the face of Jesus. The paraplegic patient, did not assign any religious significance to the find. He had the testical removed and the growth was found to be benign. The patient was just relieved it wasn’t cancer and showed no interest in the strange appearance. The case has been published in a medical journal as “The Face of Testicular Pain, A Surprising Ultrasound Finding”. Meanwhile Lupita la Bourdette of Pharr in Texas, has become a believer after finding Jesus and his mother Mary holding a baby in her screen door. She claims to have had a dream about a little girl asking her to pray for the world and shortly after the images appeared. Now six years later, she has decided to share with the rest of the world. Who is the mysterious baby? Is it the girl from the dream? Has Jesus had a daughter, a new sister or has the trinity become the trinity plus one? Who is that baby?

Zero tolerance for religious sense of humour

Well no surprise that Americans didn’t appreciate the sense of humour displayed by Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes. He made swipes at Charlie Sheen for liking alcohol too much, Hugh Hefner for liking 24-year-old women too much and scientologists for disliking gays too much. What caused the most outrage however, was his closing remark.

“Thank for everyone in the room for being good sports, to NBC and the Hollywood foreign press, thank you for watching at home, and thank you God for making me an atheist.”

By the following day, NBC had received dozens of complaints from all over the United States. The Corpus Christi group in Texas wanted to know why the blasphemy had not been bleeped out. The reason, apparently, is that organisers did not believe they would have to warn a professional presenter about being disrespectful to God in a family show being broadcast on the Sabbath. They were completely thrown by the remark, which on the European side of the Atlantic would not have raised an eyebrow. Many Americans are very touchy about religion and it can trigger fights with an almost zero tolerance policy.

The sensitive subject of religion in the US is also responsible for a premium advertisement being rejected for airing during the Super Bowl.  The website, a shop for selling products bearing the slogan “Jesus hates Obama”, created a video with bobbling head miniatures of Jesus and Obama. The frowning Jesus grins after Obama falls into water. It’s hardly blasphemy and you can see it on their website, but it was enough for Fox to ban the advert and in so doing generate even more leads for the online store. Seemingly the store has made enough money from selling these products to persuade a Venture Capitalist to fund the advertisement. A 30 second advertising slot during the Super Bowl costs around $30 million. Well as the TV evangelists know, “There’s money in religion.”

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