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Political Correctness

Satan monument wanted beside 10 commandments

10 Commandments MonumentDo you believe in freedom of religion? Are all religions equal? Conservatives in Oklahoma City thought it would be a good idea to allow a privately funded Ten Commandments monument to be erected on the Statehouse steps in 2009. Now a New York based Satanic Temple has notified them that they also want to donate a private monument to stand next to the ten commandments. They insist their monument, an homage to the historic/literary Satan costing in the region of $20,000, will be in good taste and in keeping with community standards. The design may feature a pentagram or an interactive display for children. Well I guess it’s important to get both sides of the story. However, Republican Bobby Cleveland, R-Slaughterville, who is pushing for legislation to allow religious themed symbols in public places, dismissed the Satanists saying they are in the Nut category.

Johnny Depp outrages Christian Groups

Johnny Depp‘Tis the season to be offended, part 2. What could be more festive than the image of Jesus getting drunk and passing out at a Bachelor Party, or Stag Party, depending on where in the world you live? The band Babybird believe that their new release “Jesus Stag Night Club”, which also features Johhny Depp, believe that this festive ditty could be the Christmas No. 1. I guess anything would be better than another X-Factor hit. Let’s view some lyrics.

Saw a man in a bar with his hair like a lady
Bloody thorns round his ear like he was a crazy
He had holes in his hands and a cross for a spine
Crushed a berry in his Perrier and called it wine

Saw a man lying on the floor beaten up
He had a fish finger sandwich and a yellow M coffee cup
I bent down drunk and tried to pick him up
But when I turned around I could see it was Jesus

A lot of people have criticized Johnny Depp for getting involved. The Christian Coalition has said “One day, Johnny Depp and his cronies will face the judgment of our Lord and they will burn in hell for this filth”.  That’s the spirit. Turn the other cheek.

Australia bans Before Christ (BC) and Anno Domini (AD)

Birth of JesusThe Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has decided that High School students will no longer use the terms BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini) to reference dates. All textbooks will use the more politically correct terms BCE (Before Common Era), BP (Before Present) and CE (Common Era) instead. BCE is equivalent to BC and CE is equivalent to AD, so nothing changes except the notation. The lesser known BP is used in scientific disciplines using AD (or should I say CE) 1950 as the origin, when carbon dating became possible. BP has also been called Before Physics. Australian Christians are outraged saying it is an absurd attempt to write Christ out of history. I think that is a very loose definition of history. We should just use the terms Backward Counting (BC) and Adding Dates (AD) so everyone is happy.

Thank Christ for Easter Bank Holiday

Thank Christ PosterThe Tom Pepper pub in Clacton, in the UK, has upset Christian locals by placing a Thank Christ for the Easter Bank Holiday notice outside their premises. It shows a grinning Jesus giving the thumbs up to the special offers being made in the pub for the Easter Holiday. A 61-year-old local got in touch with the local Gazette to complain after seeing the poster. The manager of the pub, Michael Denny, defended the use of the poster claiming it is not meant to be offensive. They had considered using the Easter Bunny, but went with Jesus instead. The Easter Bunny would probably have been safer, as there are far less Bunny worshippers to be offended than Christians.

The Gay Cure App

The AppApple approved an app last month, created by Exodus International, to help people troubled by their gay tendencies to cure themselves. The pro-Christian group promotes an “ex-gay” movement, encouraging freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus. Understandably, some gay individuals were a little bit disappointed that Apple let this app through. Usually they are very strict controlling inappropriate content. A petition to get Apple to withdraw the app was started on and after 140,000 signatures, Apple appear to have removed the app.

Zero tolerance for religious sense of humour

Well no surprise that Americans didn’t appreciate the sense of humour displayed by Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes. He made swipes at Charlie Sheen for liking alcohol too much, Hugh Hefner for liking 24-year-old women too much and scientologists for disliking gays too much. What caused the most outrage however, was his closing remark.

“Thank for everyone in the room for being good sports, to NBC and the Hollywood foreign press, thank you for watching at home, and thank you God for making me an atheist.”

By the following day, NBC had received dozens of complaints from all over the United States. The Corpus Christi group in Texas wanted to know why the blasphemy had not been bleeped out. The reason, apparently, is that organisers did not believe they would have to warn a professional presenter about being disrespectful to God in a family show being broadcast on the Sabbath. They were completely thrown by the remark, which on the European side of the Atlantic would not have raised an eyebrow. Many Americans are very touchy about religion and it can trigger fights with an almost zero tolerance policy.

The sensitive subject of religion in the US is also responsible for a premium advertisement being rejected for airing during the Super Bowl.  The website, a shop for selling products bearing the slogan “Jesus hates Obama”, created a video with bobbling head miniatures of Jesus and Obama. The frowning Jesus grins after Obama falls into water. It’s hardly blasphemy and you can see it on their website, but it was enough for Fox to ban the advert and in so doing generate even more leads for the online store. Seemingly the store has made enough money from selling these products to persuade a Venture Capitalist to fund the advertisement. A 30 second advertising slot during the Super Bowl costs around $30 million. Well as the TV evangelists know, “There’s money in religion.”

Pig suffers religious persecution

Toy PigA mum who bought a toy farm for a child was puzzled when she found it contained a pig sty, but no toy pig. Even though there was a switch to trigger the pig sound when the pig was placed on it, the pig itself was missing. When she complained to the Early Learning Centre about the omission, she was told that it had been removed for religious reasons. She wrote to customer services and received an email reply saying that the pig had been removed for fear of upsetting Muslim and Jewish parents. Muslims, Jews and a number of other religions, ban eating pork. Jews, in fact, also believe camels, some birds, hares, shellfish and some fish are also off limits. Even though most people don’t eat dogs either, the dog was allowed to remain in the farm, along with a horse (also not eaten much outside France), a cow, a sheep, a chicken and two humans (also not eaten very often). Personally, I think that if there was a God who didn’t want us to eat pigs, She wouldn’t have made them taste so good. The good news is, that the Early Learning Centre, have realised the error of their political over-correctness and are reinstating the pig into the Happyland Goosefeather Farm.

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