Because religion should not matter (too much)


We welcome everyone, whether you believe in one God, many Gods or none. If you believe in a humanoid type God, animal like Gods, a spaghetti God or think the concept of supreme beings is ridiculous, you can be an Apathist. We encourage open mindedness and freethinking individuals. If on the other hand you are a religions zealot, you should leave now.

Apathists accept dual (or multiple) religion memberships. If you have religious beliefs you can keep them and still be an Apathist. Frankly we don’t care. We don’t mind if you continue to attend religious ceremonies, or if you never enter a place of worship. So you can be a Christian Apathist, a Jewish Apathist, an Apathistic Pastafarian, or just a simple Apathist who can’t be bothered deciding about religion. Many people are in fact religious Apathists without realising it. While this church is very tolerant of other religions (we don’t think they matter that much), you may find that many of them will not be so tolerant of us. If this is the case, we recommend that you simply don’t tell them of your enlightenment. A true Apathist will not think that it is important enough to mention.

Explore our pages to find out more about the wonders of religious apathy. Learn about us and use our services such as the God hotline.

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